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The official website of the USCIS (Unites States Citizenship and Immigration Services) is There you can obtain free immigration forms, find how much each form cost and find the address where you need to mail your application.
If you have filed a case with immigration and you want to know the status of your case, visit
If you want to know the current priority date, visit
If you need to apply for an immigrant vista, visit the Department of Sate website at,
If you are looking for a person who was detained by iCE, visit the ICE locator
If you are looking for someone who was arrested by the Federal government for criminal federal offense, visit,
If someone was arrested by the San Diego County Sheriff and you want to know if they are currently in a San Diego Jail, visit,
If you want to know if some is an actual attorney and has a license to practice law in California, visit the California Bar website,
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