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Consular Process

Consular processing is the method immigrants use to get their green card when outside the United States or when ineligible to adjust status in the United States. The Process is the following

Step 1.

Step 2.


Step 3.

Pay National Visa Center Fees

Step 4.


Step 5.

File DS-260

Step 6.

poverty chart.png

Step 7.

File Supporting Documents

Step 8.

Wait for the Iterview Notice

Step 9.

Schedule Biometric appointment

Step 10.

Attend Medical Appoinment

Step 11.

Attend Biometric Appoinment

Step 12.

Attend Visa Interview

Step 14.

Do you need Waiver?

Step 15.

Stamp at Port of Entry

Step 16.

File for Greencard

Step 17.


Step 18.

Man staring into distance in front of US
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