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Life Advice

Through my career, I have found that many of my immigration clients schedule a consultation with me to speak about non-immigration topics.  They value my insight and find my advice worth paying for.

 If you are looking for a smart, competent and honest person to ask a general question, you can schedule a consultation and come to my office, or you can write your questions to me, pay on-line and I will answer your question. Some of the topics I can offer some insight on are the following.

Woodland Path
General Life Advice 

Enjoying Sunset
Relationship Advice 

Criminal Law Advice​​

School Notebook
Modern Work Desk
School and Academic Advice

Work and Career Advice​​


Credit Assessment
Financial Advice ​​

Vertical File Cabinet
Country Flags
Beautiful Bonsai


Prayer Services
Knesset Interior


Mansplaining ​​

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